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Thursday, February 09, 2017


I recently hauled my Valentine's Lush Haul and I had to share my favourite item from the range as it was too beautiful not to demo. Cupid Bath Bomb had to be my favourite from this year’s offering. This two toned pink bath bomb is in the shape of a Cupid’s arrow and is a little bit smaller than a normal bath bomb but this is reflected in the price. I created a heart shape in the bubbles and dropped the bath bomb in. I was pleasantly surprised that the heart floated across the water and the inside colours escaped from the two ends of the arrow. Dark pink, light pink and white are the colours that seep out and leave a petal pink tint to the water. This bath bomb fizzed away slowly which is nice as you can get the full enjoyment of them as some bath bombs are over in seconds. This was as well probably my favourite scent from the new products I discovered. The mix of the rose and bergamot bring a sweet floral fragrance which is right up my street. It also contains violet leaf absolute and lime oil, the scent is subtle but it’s uplifting, fresh and calming as well. It shares its scent with the Razzle Dazzle bath oil, which is lovely and I can imagine using both at the same time would add to the softness of your skin! This bath bomb is reasonable priced at £2.95 each, I would definitely repurchase and they would make such a cute little present. I also used the Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card which was nice to use in conjunction with the bath bomb. This was my first time using a wash card, I was hoping it would foam up a little more but I really like the citrus scent of this!
Which product is your favourite from this years Valentine's range?
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Monday, February 06, 2017


It feels like we've just had Christmas, but Lush are straight onto their next seasonal range. The Valentine's range is bigger and better than before! I like to try new things so I didn't buy any of the products I have already tried from previous years, although I was tempted by the Unicorn Horn and Rose Bombshell.
I have never tried a wash card before, but this affordable Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card is a great way to try them out at £2 each. It's a different, fun way of washing yourself rather than just a normal shower gel. You can tear a section off and lather it up under the water or wash yourself as you normally would with the whole sheet. I think I prefer reusing the whole sheet as it seems to lather up more. The scent contains apple, lemon and lime so the fragrance is quite fruity. It also contains ylang-ylang so it's refreshing and uplifting in the bath or shower. This would be great for travelling as it would take up no room in your toiletries bag, I think you would have to use it all though as I wouldn't want to put it back into my bag soggy. I look forward to trying more of these out!
Another one of the products I was excited to use was the Cupid Bath Bomb, which is shaped like a cupid's arrow. This bath bomb contains calming rose, violet leaf absolute and bergamot which gives it a subtle sweet scent. This bath bomb melts slowly on top of your bath water and leaves a lovely petal pink hue. I think this is one of the most reasonably priced bath products from the range, I would definitely repurchase this one.
I have tried some other bath melts from Lush before, they are nice to add to a bath bomb or another product you are using in the bath to add some extra moisture. Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt is a little different as it comes in two parts which you can use together or separate and get the most out of two baths or more. The product contains ylang-ylang and rose oils so the scent is quite floral. The melt also has organic cocoa butter and almond oil so it softens the skin and conditions your body. I really like the colours of this one, the coral and magenta oils float on top of the bath.
The most fun design from the range is Love Struck Bubble Bar which is shaped as a heart eye emoji, so cute! I'm not sure of the scent on this one, the scent is filled with lemon and geranium but it's not my favourite. I love bubbles in my bath and you only need to crumble a small amount to create enough to be covered in them. I'm not sure I would repurchase this one, looking back at my Lush haul 2016, I need to repurchase the Rose Jam Bubbleroon!
The last item I picked up was the Over and Over Bath Bomb which reminds me of the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb (which I loved!) from the Christmas range or Roller Bath Bomb. These bath bombs are half normal bath bomb and half bath melt. This bath bomb contains cocoa butter, lime and fennel oil, so has a lovely sherbet, citrusy scent. This bath bomb has a surprise pink centre and I really like how the scent lingers around for a while after using.
Which product is your favourite from this years Valentine's range?

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Thursday, January 26, 2017


At the beginning of last year, I told myself I wanted to do something different, something outside of my comfort zone, find a new hobby. Poppy Loves runs a Book Club for women all over the world, who can join in online and discuss the book they have been reading that month with others and the Author. One day Poppy Loves commented on one of my Instagram photos, I had taken a photo of the book they were currently reading and she said I should join! I had read Poppy Loves blog before but didn’t realise there was a book club. I had never really considered joining a book club, I have always loved reading but there didn’t seem to be one out there for me. As there wasn’t a book club in my town she asked if I wanted to be the Captain Book for my club, this just means you organise where everyone meets and have the questions ready to go. Being part of a book club is great as it means I broaden my choice of books and pick up things I wouldn’t normally read. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same book so it’s good to discuss different opinions and also ask the Author questions about the book. The online book club has over 2700 members and has 70 book clubs over the world. Some of my favourite reads since joining Poppy Loves Book Club have been In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis. We are currently reading Paulina & Fran By Rachel B. Glaser, which I’m just about to start. I love looking back at all my photos, remembering where I was when I was reading a certain book. You can join Poppy Loves Book Club here.
I have set my Goodreads target of 25 books to read this year. I gave myself a target of reading two books a month, I try and read a little bit each day even if it is just a couple of pages. Hopefully I can reach this by the end of the year! As Winter has arrived it’s nice to cosy up with a hot drink and a book or run myself a Lush bath and read for hours in there. I have really been enjoying Thrillers at the moment. I have also really enjoyed listening to books via Audible, especially if I'm on the go. Some other books I want to get to this Winter are; The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Birald, The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin and The Women in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.
I have also really been enjoying watching Book Tube videos, some of my favourite channels have been Lauren and the books and Blabbering about books. I have also brought a book journal after seeing it on Lauren’s channel. I thought it would spare me on to read more and review my books so I don’t forget about them in months to come. This Busy B Book Journal is great as it has separate parts for book club, books read, books to read and books on loan. I have got a bit creative with mine and have really been enjoying it. I used to post some of my book reviews on here, I might start that up again.
Do you have any reading recommendations or any tips to read more?

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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Some might think it's too early to start the festivities, but after the Christmas cups and adverts have been released it's ok to start the Christmas wishing I think. Anthropologie is a shop that has dreamy homeware where I could buy one of everything and their Christmas range is just as magical.
My favourite picks from the website are anything to do with Gingerbread. My Christmas tree may have too many Gingerbread men after growing my collection over the years, but these little trinkets are too cute to miss. The Candy Cane Gingerbread House Christmas Ornament, Gingerbread Snow Globe Christmas Ornament and Yuletide Christmas Ornament are my picks of the Christmas decorations. My favourite being the Snow Globe one as I've seen nothing like it, it's so special and would look perfect on any tree. As winter is approaching, I'm drinking more hot drinks any excuse to buy a new Christmas mug every year, I may have already brought a Starbucks one this year in the shape of a penguin. This Snowy Salutation Mug is so vintage looking and comes in three different designs. My favourite is the mustard 'Christmas' one with Santa on his sleigh. If you are looking for something on the go or a cute present for a friend this Merry & Bright Travel Mug is the cutest thing to go with your Gingerbread lattes and also comes in three different designs. I've always wanted a special Christmas plate for mince pies or a plate for Santa. I've looked at Emma Bridgewater ones before but these Noel Canape Plates are perfect, decorative and come in four different designs. It would be lovely to have one of each design as Christmas Day dessert plates. There are so many things I could have chosen for my wish list from the website, including Snow Globe Stocking Holders and Jar Candles, I need to find my way to a store. Even better, for Black Friday Anthropologie are offering 20% off everything, just use the promo code 'GIFT'.
What are your favourite Christmas homeware picks this season?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have so many face masks, they’re probably my favourite skincare product to buy. I like to try different formulas for different problem areas. Multi-masking has become quite popular recently, this is where you put a clay mask on your t-zone and a radiance mask on your cheeks to get the best out of your face masks. I guess this means you don’t have to apply three masks a week, you can have one pamper session and target all areas. I try and use a face mask every Sunday evening, I'm always trying out new ones. I noticed the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Face Mask on one of my many shopping trips into Boots. I had seen the Moisture Bomb Range before but hadn’t seen the tissue mask. My friend said she enjoyed the day cream so I couldn’t resist trying one as the range always seems to be on some kind of offer. I must admit I wasn’t too fussed to try the day or night cream as I’m really into my Origins skincare.
I have tried sheet masks before but they always seem to slide off my face and end up having to lie down to keep them on. The Garnier one felt like it wasn’t going anywhere, as it is soaked with so much serum you know it's doing something good for your skin. The Moisture Bomb tissue face mask is super hydrating on the skin and is great for dehydrated skin but works on all skin types, even sensitive. I love the scent of the mask it's very fresh, it is enriched with pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum. It recommends to keep the mask on for 15 minutes, but I love keeping it on for longer to get the most out of the moisture. The mask claims to intensely rehydrate the skin, reduce the look of fine lines and revive radiance. The tissue mask diffuses the equivalent level of hydrating serum as per 1 week's use of day care, which is amazing! If you have had a busy week and your skin is looking a little bit dull using one of these is just what your skin needs to boost it back to life. They remind me of the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks but at a cheaper price point. My skin feels plumper, smoother and healthier and I really like the cooling sensation it gives. If I apply the mask in the evening, I can still feel the benefits on my skin in the morning. It really does quench the skin, they're so effective! The mask fits really well, the eye holes were a little too close together for me but I found it overall very comfortable.
I really like the packaging, they're great for travel as they take up no room at all and would be perfect after a day in the sun. It's nice to use a face mask which isn't messy and you don't have to scrub your face afterwards to remove it. The mask has a blue protective film which makes it easier to apply, which you remove once the mask is in place. When you are ready to remove the mask, you can massage any excess serum into your face or use a cotton pad to remove it, I like to leave it on. I have since gone back for a couple more and have got my mum and a friend to try one for themselves. They’re currently on offer for 99p (normally priced at £1.49) which is a real bargain so I might have to stock up on a few more. As I have had such great results with this mask, I might have to try the other products in the range.
What's your favourite tissue mask?

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